Why should you choose us? 

Felwood is a relatively new project.  It offers the most relevant and in-demand services to World of Warcraft players. We have gathered a team of efficient professionals. Our goal now is to become the one of the best World of Warcraft service stores. We believe that respect and an individual approach to each of our clients are the main conditions for reaching this goal.

During the relatively short period of our service’s operation, many people have been able to use it. We are making every effort to make our clients happy with our services and motivate them to make their future World of Warcraft services orders with us.

We offer our clients the following guarantees:

High service quality:

  • We are open from 10:00 AM to 02:00 AM (GMT+3), including weekends and holidays.
  • Courteous operators are available 16 hours a day to help you with any issues.
  • Fast order processing. We deliver gold within a few minutes and quickly credit your accounts.
  • We take orders in the shortest time possible and start processing them immediately.
  • Our prices are lower than those offered by most other stores.

Client account security:

  • With our extensive World of Warcraft gaming experience, and in-game trading experience, we’ve developed a unique approach and defined the most reliable methods to make the provision of World of Warcraft services as fast and effective as possible.
  • As long as all security measures are observed, our clients will be protected from any sanctions by the game administration.

We don’t use:

  • Bots and other forbidden software for gaming automation.
  • Bugs and game vulnerabilities that may lead to account bans or other punishments.
  • Unauthorized game currency.
  • Our clients’ contacts to send spam or other unsolicited offers.
  • Personal information for anything that goes beyond the agreed upon order framework.

We always use: 

  • Professional players with great experience in World of Warcraft orders.
  • Protected VPN connections and safety protocols to make your data secured.
  • Fair and effective ways to achieve perfect result.

Automated money transactions:

  • We work only with proven international payment systems.

Possibility of money refund:

  • You can always get your money back if you paid by mistake, didn’t understand terms and conditions or any other personal reason.
  • Also you will get your money back if you are not pleased by your order execution for adequate reasons or if it is impossible to complete your order.
  • In case you want to make a return before the completion of the due date for reasons beyond the control of our performers (refund will be charged at the rate of 70% of the order amount).
  • You can make a refund-request through our online-operators in the lower right corner, or via our Discord Felwood#6992
  • We always consider request by our customers.