About Us

The Felwood.net website and other online resources related to the project, are relatively new and were created by a group of individuals with substantial World of Warcraft gaming experience who have provided services related to the game. We have carefully selected professionals who are capable of performing the required tasks efficiently and responsibly. Our project’s main goal has always been to create a high quality World of Warcraft services provision project that is based on respect for our clients and a fair pricing policy with no extra charges.

Although we have assembled a strong team, we will not become complacent. We will continue to improve our services by carefully selecting gamers who have achieved success in the World of Warcraft. We are always open to ideas from gamers to make our service even better.

Our personal approach:

  • Dedication to the matter, Consideration to our clients, Integrity –  these have always been the foundation of our project. We will always follow these principles.
  • We treat our work with the utmost goal of trying hard to make our clients happy.
  • We are aware that nothing is perfect. Everyone has their flaws.  However, we are always trying to improve our services by finding the right approach for each of our clients.

About our staff:

  • We have the utmost respect for our staff members. We believe that this is crucial in order to make our team strong and for our project to operate seamlessly. The project’s administration always follows this rule.
  • We are grateful to everyone who works with us in this teamwork-based project.

Our goals:

  • To create a World of Warcraft service provision website that is as user-friendly as possible and based on the clients’ respect.
  • To unite all skillful and talented gamers and provide them with an opportunity to earn excellent money, by applying their talent for the benefit of others.
  • To prove that high-quality doesn’t mean expensive.